Wrinkle Paint Red Ferrari Hi Heat - 250gr

Wrinkle Paint Red Ferrari Hi Heat - 250gr

Wrinkle Paint good for Red Ferrari and Red Maserati hi heat 

Special wrinkle coating for engine Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Harley Davidson, Lancia HF Integrale and more.

Good for all materials and industrial design project.

Direct adhesion over plastic, metals and alloys.

Over engine our primer for engine must be used to have the correct final effect.

VAT included


Wrinkle paint hi heat 

Special wrinkle paint hi heat resistant that can be used for restoration of super car engine as: Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Lancia Stratos, Lancia Delta HF, Escort Coswort and more

Wrinkle paint can be used for many other project of industrial design, architecture and more. 

It has an incredible resistance to abrasion and scratches.

After complete dry time it is much more resistant than 2k catalyst paint.

To be used over an engine must be applied our primer before. Please read the instruction.

Difference between spray and liquid wrinkle paint.

Our spray can are made with same liquid paint because wrinkle is 1K paint. S o we put into the spray the same paint you buy into the can.

Spray is more suggest for small project because his nozle is smaller than professional spray gun.

Application with spray gun is easier than spray can because the volume of paint apply with spray gun is much more bigger and the final wrinkle is easier to develop.

Please follow the instruction below to have the best effect and make many many test before final application. Many errors can be fixed with previous test.

How to prepare metals and alloy components.

Metal pieces must be sandblasted before painting and prepare with our primer.

Sandblast is usually necessary for the best result but is not ever necessary, all metals are different but if your metal is a plated metal sandblast is necessary.

Primer MUST be used over engine and over sandblast metal if you want that the paint resist for year.

Never touch the sandblast metal with direct skin contact, use of gloves is recomended.

After sandblast use our metal degreaser to clean well the pieces.

Apply wrinkle paint with wet on wet process if you apply the paint over primer into 40 minutes from the application of primer.

How to prepare plastic surfaces.

Sand if you can .

Clean well with our plastic or universal cleaner.

Apply our plastic primer in spray or liquid for professional.

Apply our wrinkle with wet on wet process.

How to apply wrinkle paint (valid for spray and liquid)

If you use spray can shake well for one minute, if you use liquid for professional stir for 1 minute.

For wrinkle liquid paint use a gravity spray gun with a nozzle of 1,3 suggest, if you haven't 1,3, 1,4 or 1,2 is ok (do not suggest bigger or smaller nozzle)


1 Apply first dry coat and wait 5 minutes in summer or 15 in winter or 5 minutes in the oven at 20° celtius.

2 Apply first wet coat and wait the same time of point 1 (wet coat means that all surface appear very super glossy)

3 Apply a second wet coat and wait the same time of point 1 

4 Apply a third wet coat and wait more or less 15 minutes before bake time.

5 Now start the bake process to wrinkle the paint.

Baking time process and wrinkle effect

Things you must know before baking process.

1 Wrinkle paint dry time is different from touch free dry time

2 Touch free is more or less 48 hour in winter 12 in summer

3 Touch free is possible when paint appear totally wrinkled and you wait other 12 hours.

4 The real dry time of this paint at room temperature is 30 days during the winter and 7/10 days during the summer.

5 The real dry time if baked is 2 hours at 80° celtius and 12/24 hours of relax time.

6 If baked for 2 hours your wrinkle size can become smaller cause long exposition to very hot temperature so wrinkle process must be controlled minute after minute.

Baked common process to have classic and famous wrinkle paint Ferrari engine effect

With Oven

1 Put the piece into the oven at 70/80° celtius until the wrinkle texture appear all around surface.

2 Put out the piece from the oven and leave dry for 24/48 hours.

With Heat gun

With heat gun is ok but only for small pieces

Start to make your pieces hot, if you can ask to another member of your team to help you with another heat gun to be sure that all surfaces zone can be make hot at the same time.

Indeed the heat gun can't make hot all surface, because if you make hot on the right, it is cold on the left, this is a big risk.

Wrinkle can appear just on a side not on the other. So make your test but use this system just for small pieces.

After surface become all wrinkle stop the baking process and leave the piece dry at room temperature for 24/48 hours

With infrared system

Infrared is a good way to wrinkle the wrinkle paint but the problem is quite the same of heat gun. Infrared ray works only in one direction so if you have an infrared arch is ok, if no make smart to move the infrared from a side to another just in time to make all surface hot to have the best results. 

As for the Heat gun make your test if you don't have the infrared arch.

After surface become all wrinkle stop the baking process and leave the piece dry at room temperature for 24/48 hours

Small Oven 

Many people use house oven dismiss, this system is one of the best but not ever possible.

Sun Light

Some times if the weather is very hot, you can wrinkle the wrinkle paint under simple sunlight. 

Yes this is possible but is not a professional way and final results can be not the best.

Complete dry time

Dry time at room temeprature is 10 days in hot summer over 25° celtius or 30 days in winter.

Dry time into the oven is 2 hours at 80° celtius plus 12/24 hours relax time at room temperature.

Total fuel resistance

Total chemical and fuel resistance will be possible after 10 days dry time at room temperature no less.

In winter 30 days at room temperature are suggested

Different type of wrinkle effect

Wrinkle paint can develop different type of wrinkle effect. 

This depend from how many coats you apply, generally no less than 2 for small wrinkle, 3 for classic Ferrari or lamborghini wrinkle, 4 for original old time Ferrari or Lamborghini wrinkle engine restoration (sometimes 5 coats depend from the spray painter technique)

More technical info

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