Spray Primer Black High Heat Engine and Brake Caliper Alloy and Metals - 400ml

Spray Primer Black High Heat Engine and Brake Caliper Alloy and Metals - 400ml

Engine Spray Primer high heat Black for metals, alloys, brake caliper 

Perfect to prepare your engine or brake caliper parts before painting.

Fast dry and wet on wet painting system

No good for plastics.

VAT included



Engine spray primer black matt hi heat for alloy plastics and metals.

This paint must be used to prepare all engine and brake caliper parts.

No good to prepare plastics


1 Clean well all pieces of metal with acetone or our degreaser

2 Do not use nitro solvent or others

3 If you have the spray can shake well and start, if you have the 2K formula, put the catalyst in the base A and mix well (follow the mix ratio of 10% on weight)

4 Apply a first dry coat and wait 10 minutes

5 Apply a wet coat and wait 20 minutes

6 Apply another wet coat and wait for 1 hour

7 Now you can start to apply the paint you want direct on primer. Please do not try to buff or sand the primer, this is not necessary. Just apply the paint 

8 if you choose the Engine Spray Paint just shake and spray, if you choose the 2K paint mix the elements and start the application 


- The way you apply the Engine paint is the same of point number 4-5-6 of this page

- If the spray can you have is the 2k spray for professional follow the instruction application

For other technical info please write to info@kustomservice.com

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