KSW100 Acrylic Super Gloss Black Water Base Paint For Metallic - 50ml

KSW100 Acrylic Super Gloss Black Water Base Paint For Metallic - 50ml

Kustom Service KSW 100 black super gloss acrylic water based paint for all metallic paint.

Use it for super mirror effect of all metallic alcohol paint of Kustom Service.

Water base non toxic product ready to spray for 0,3 airbrush

Pressure application at 1,5/2/2,5 bar

Never try to dilute, no try to dry by air dryer or heat gun or airbrush air, or it will loose the super gloss effect.

Clean with Kustom Service water based cleaner.

Best for all cases where high mirror reflection or high polishing metal effect are required.

VAT included


KSW100 Black super gloss water based airbrush paint ready to use

High chemical resistance

Universal gloss base for all Kustom Service metallic alcohol base paints

KSW100 BLACK super gloss is a water based  ready to spray colour for airbrush. 

This color is not a primer, is just a glossy color base.

It must be applied over a black primer if you think to mask your surface, because used alone it hasn't a good adhesion over plastics.

It is extremely shiny when compared to the products commonly present on the market

Can be used alone as a glossy black finish or as a glossy black base if we want to have a perfect chrome color or if we want to use it as base for all other metallic paint Kustom Series.

Is not necessary dilute it because it is ready to use for 0,3 nozzle airbrush.

Just if necessary, this color can be simply diluted by adding common distilled water (RECOMMEND! use distilled water only! Not other waters or thinners)

It is absolutely not recommended to dilute with our thinners or reducers of other brands. In general is not recommended dilute this paint.


Airbrush with 0.3 nozzle. If a 0.2 is used, color must be dilute to a maximum of 5% but the color loose a part of his glossy power.

Brush: it is not possible use it by brushes.


Always recommended 2 bar except when working on very small components for which a pressure of 1.5 bar can also be used


Use this color as it is, is not necessary dilute it but if you want dilute not to much than 5% with distilled water.


First of all never try to dry it with air dryer or airbrush air, let it dry at room temperature for 12 hours. 

If we forced the dry time by air KSW100 black gloss loose his shine effect.

We suggest (but it is not obligatory and the technique may vary according to your experience):

Apply a light coat, wait 5 minutes and apply a first wet coat. After 5 minutes apply a second wet coat and wait 12 hours to be ready for metallic paints applications.

The important thing at the end of the application is to have a mirror-like glossy effect, make many test to have the best result.


If we want the maximum gloss effect never use air dryer or other air to dry this paint, let it dry alone at room temperature.

If we use air it become satin not gloss and all CHR01 or CHR03 loose their mirror effect.

12 hours for a correct touch free and best resistance to alcohol or other laquer paint

72 hours for a complete dry time.

NOTE: it can resist to laquer but it will lose his shiny effect.


Wait 72 hours before buffing and polishing.

Polish it with our compound

scale model polish compound


NOTE: wet coat means a compact hand with a mirror effect.


Clean the airbrush with our water-based paint cleaner, if you don't have the water base Kustom Service Cleaner, you can adjust with tap water. Other additives not recognized by us can be used but at the discretion of the modeler.


This product can be applied both above and below other colours of other brands without problem.


After waiting 72 hours you can polish if you want to remove any defects with our miracle polishing compound.


For a water based paint the humidity and room temperature is a big big problem so please take care of this.

Don't try to accelerate the dry time, it will become satin not gloss.

Work at room temperature of 15/18° Celtius minimum.


Our clear coat never cancel the particular of your models but if you apply too much paint you loose for sure all.

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