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Wrinkle paint

Wrinkle paint is a special and ultra famous paint that is used upon the original engines of special cars or bikes. The most famous vehicles are Ferrari, Lamborghini, Harley Davidson. 

But no more people knows that the original wrinkle paint is made in Italy by Christian Bertolini, probably the most famous expert of special coating in the automotive world of super car.

How can I paint my engine with wrinkle paint?

How to wrinkle your valve cover?

How does it works?

If you are the owner of a Ferrari or Lamborghini or an Harley Davidson bike, probably you listen this name, WRINKLE PAINT, because your engine is painted with it!

This paint must be used with special rules and you can learn them soon if you follow the secrets of Christian Bertolini into the articles of this blog.

Christian Bertolini produce the most amazing prototype automotive paint since 20 years. His consulting is requested by Lamborghini, Giugiaro Italdesign, Ferrari, Audi, Wolksvaghen, and more.

Today the Wrinkle paint into the automotive world is represent by his formula.

Follow our articles to know hot to change or restore the look of your engine and not only!

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    Vernice Raggrinzante o Wrinkle paint
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  • Wrinkle Paint High Heat
    Wrinkle Paint High Heat
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    Wrinkle paint Kustom Service is a special engine paint high heat resistant that is used over Engine Ferrari Valve Cover or engine Lamborghini valve cover. These brand are not the only one that paint with wrinkle paint their engines,Harley Davidson, Pagani automobiles, Ford Cosworth, Maserati, Lancia, Alfa Romeo paint their valve cover with the original italian wrinkle paint. Today Kustom Service Italy (brand of Bertolini Paint Systems USA) is the first wrinkle paint italian factory that...

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  • Wrinkle Paint Valve Cover
    Wrinkle Paint Valve Cover
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    Wrinkle paint valve cover high heat. How to wrinkle your valve cover with wrinkle paint of Kustom Service Italy made by Bertolini Paint Systems. The legendary Italian wrinkle paint of all super cars made from the professional for professional and hobby. Now this paint is also distributed by Bertolini Paint Systems USA.

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