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Brake Caliper Paint

How to paint your brake caliper?

Many times you buy a paint on the web but at the end after few days the paint become powder or crack at all!

So you lose your money and your time....and finally your dream disappear!

But if you don't have much money or simply want to make a durable paint job by yourself, follow our articles into this blog.

Many time you buy famous brand materials on the web but they are only famous brand and not good paints!

Many times a professional job is made with special paint that you never know!

This is normal and nothing is strange, because the professional brand are not selling on a marketplace, but just from special distributors!

For this reasons we ask to the spray paint legend Christian Bertolini to explaning how to make a perfect job and the right products to use when you paint your brake caliper!

Who is Christian Bertolini?

Easy! He is the master consultant that Lamborghini, Ferrari, Giugiaro and much more company call to build the impossible color for the prototype and for the most secret collector cars of the world!

He will bring to you his competence into the special effect color world.

He teach you how to make a professional job into your garage with a simple spray con or professional liquid 2K brake caliper paint.

  • How To Paint Brake Caliper
    How To Paint Brake Caliper
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