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  • Engine paint
    Engine paint (3)

    In questa categoria parliamo di come si vernicia e restaura il motore di un veicolo, sia esso a due ruote o 4 o sia un imbarcazione.

    Spiegheremo quali sono le vernici giuste da usare e come sceglierle.

    Spiegheremo inoltre la differenza tra le varie vernici per motori, scarichi moto, motori di auto, motori marini, motori moto ecc.

    I segreti per una corretta verniciatura e come fare a farla durare nel tempo.

    Spiegheremo come preparare i vari metalli e leghe...

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  • Airbrush
    Airbrush (0)

    How do you make a correct airbrush?

    How can you you use the airbrush ?

    Which color is better to start ? water based acrylic paint? or solvent based paint?

    Where do you buy the real professional airbrush and custom paint paint?

    Read our articles and we explaning all the airbrush secrets!

    Make your own questions to and we answer and explaning all airbrush secrets to become a true professional airbrusher or custom painter.

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  • Epoxy Resin
    Epoxy Resin (2)

    Epoxy Resin area is made of big and great contents.

    Epoxy resin table, epoxy resin river table and many other amazing projects are all available for you. 

    We have secrets, technical data, tips and triks, the experience of all kustom Service comunity. 

    Link to our Epoxy resin group FB:

    If you have a question you can write a question to our blog office:

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  • Brake Caliper Paint
    Brake Caliper Paint (1)

    How to paint your brake caliper?

    Many times you buy a paint on the web but at the end after few days the paint become powder or crack at all!

    So you lose your money and your time....and finally your dream disappear!

    But if you don't have much money or simply want to make a durable paint job by yourself, follow our articles into this blog.

    Many time you buy famous brand materials on the web but they are only famous brand and not good paints!

    Many times a...

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  • Wrinkle paint
    Wrinkle paint (3)

    Wrinkle paint is a special and ultra famous paint that is used upon the original engines of special cars or bikes. The most famous vehicles are Ferrari, Lamborghini, Harley Davidson. 

    But no more people knows that the original wrinkle paint is made in Italy by Christian Bertolini, probably the most famous expert of special coating in the automotive world of super car.

    How can I paint my engine with wrinkle paint?

    How to wrinkle your valve cover?

    How does...

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  • Scale Model
    Scale Model (0)

    Hello Modelers!

    In this area we speak about colors and scale model in general.

    We try to explain how to use all Kustom Service Paints.

    We reveal tips and tricks to have the most amazing results from your kustom service paint and not only.

    Yes because thechnics I explain can be used with every paint, but better if with our paints!

    Please write your question at

    I'll try to answer to all your questions.

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