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Kit Acrylic Color Suzuki GSX RR Moto GP 2020 Scale Model Water Based - 30ml
€14.00 -€2.00
VAT included
Acrylic Color Kit Suzuki GSX RR moto GP 2020 water based paint  ready to spray for scale model static and dinamic. Non toxic colors, clean with Kustom Service water based cleaner. Kit is composed by 2 colors that can be purchased separately. Clear coat and primer are not included into the the kit. All Kustom Service water based paints can be cleared with solvent based, lacquer based or water based clear because they are professional paints. All Kustom Service water based paints can be applied ove water based or solvent based primers sanded with 1000 grit dry sand paper. The application system is ever under decision of the applicator.