Acrylic airbrush color for Gunpla and Gundam


Gunpla kit color

In this section we have all Gunpla kit, if you can't find your kit, write to us at

All kits are composed only by colors.

If you want you can buy all colors one by one not only in kit.

All kits do not contain clears or primers so if you want you can buy them one by one from the relative section.

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Acrylic Scale Model Clear Coat Super Gloss KSW100 - 50 ml
VAT included
Super gloss KSW 100 clear coat water base airbrush acrylic scale model paint. Ready to spray airbrush paint for 0,3 nozzle at 1,5/2,5 bar Super gloss effect. Super flat final surface effect. Extra resistant against decals acid. Perfect as base or topcoat for decals and enamel washing. Perfect for military and classic cars or Gunpla. Complete dray after 12 hours. Maximum resistance against enamel washing or decal's acid after 12 hours. clean with KS concentrate water based cleaner.