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Chrome Paint Super Mirror

The chrome effect paint is on of our best products. 15 years ago we develop many different metallic and chrome paint for the most important italian supercar factory.

Today we have the most advanced and complete series of chrome and metal imitation paints on the market. You can aply them over, plastic, metals, wood, lexan, leather, ceramic and much more surface. These are perfect to replace and restore wheels, interior design parts, architecture elements and more. Discover our paints and ask for more info if you need at

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Chrome Paint Super Mirror - CHR01
VAT included
Chrome paint 1k ready to spray super mirror effect. This paint is good to replace all type of wheels, interior automotive spare parts, rearview mirror side of Audi, Alfa Romeo, Ford and more. This paint must be used with our special clear coat K2, K4 or K8 series as base, while as finishing the best choice is KSM100 clear for plated surfaces. This paint no need to be diluted because is ready to spray.